Archived — Transcripts - 2009 Recipient Video Profiles

Suzanne Belanger cares for young First Nations children in north-western New Brunswick. Every day, she emphasizes the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each child. She is dedicated to working with families to instil pride in their heritage and excitement about education. She regularly invites First Nations elders to share their stories with the children. Suzanne is also a caregiver for adults with mental disabilities.

Gisèle Faucher has been an educator for 30 years. No birthday goes unnoticed in her group. Even snack time is magical. This educator has spent a night in the outdoors with her little charges. She has introduced them to making costumes for the Christmas performance. Ms. Faucher places no limits on the learning of children.

Gitanne Pigeon helped found the Idée Fixe early childhood centre 30 years ago. She believes that it takes a village to raise a child - a village where all cultures are respected. This educator is loved by her colleagues and the student teachers she coaches. She gives selflessly. The enriching activities she offers children nourish their imaginations.

Sherry Lalonde built the junior and senior kindergarten programs at the St. Thomas-Elgin Y from the ground up. Her classroom is filled with features that encourage children to develop all five senses. "Scary Sherry" the mad scientist gets children excited about science. Her program contains activities that focus on many areas of child development. She respects children's individual needs and fosters a warm and caring learning environment.

Susan Watson welcomes all children to her program. She works with respect and love to ensure they can all participate in activities to the same level. Susan is a keen observer of each child in her care, paying particular attention to the challenges they face. She emphasizes the importance of manners and social skills, which she believes will help all children reach their highest potential.

Most children in Jackie Sturton's care make the transition to nursery school very easily. Parents say this is because their little ones have known Jackie since birth. Jackie helps parents develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to meet the challenges of children's early years. Jackie recognizes the creativity and individualism of each child in her care, and tailors her programs to meet the needs of each little boy or girl.

J. Puddleduck Preschool is Vancouver Island's first parent participation daycare. Linda Foster helped set it up in the late 1970s. The children at the preschool come from families from various backgrounds and income levels. Linda makes sure all children have equal access to play and learning opportunities. In her programming, she keeps her focus solidly on the children and providing the best possible opportunities for their optimum development.

The children in Rachel Rosen and Melanie Castro Shibaoka's care play and learn in a stimulating environment every day. At the science table, the children experiment, learn how to record their discoveries and compare their results with others. The educators break complex ideas down and help children understand new concepts. Rachel and Melanie regularly take on major projects with the children. Together, they even built a wooden bench for the nursery school.

Patt Uren began working with 2- to 12-year-olds at her church in 1963 and has been involved with children ever since. She is extremely knowledgeable about the needs and developmental stages of preschoolers. Her love of these children shows through in the warm, nurturing, stimulating and enriching environment she creates. She always makes sure that children feel supported and valued, so that they can thrive and grow.

The children in Linda Bonnefoy and Susan Herbrick's care play and work in the garden every day. They look after flowers, and grow vegetables and herbs for the preschool's fresh-cooked lunches. The curriculum includes indoor and outdoor exercise and mixed media art. Through these activities, Linda and Sue teach children about sustainability and healthy living. They also encourage children to make decisions, talk about consequences and learn about cause and effect.

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