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Year: 2010–2011 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Denise Squizzato

Silver Creek Pre-School
65 Hartsdale Drive
Etobicoke, ON M9R 2S8

Telephone: 416-249-9770
Fax: 416-249-2417
Email: Denise Squizzato
Website: Silver Creek Pre-School

Video Profile

Type of setting: Specialized childcare for children aged 2 to 5

Denise Squizzato ignites excellence in every child who comes through the door. Charged with the difficult task of providing individual care to a group of children with varying developmental backgrounds, her classroom is incredibly bright, cheerful and involved. Her patience never ending, Ms. Squizzato is constantly delighted by the children.

Philosophy of care

Ms. Squizzato takes the time to get to know each and every child, their individual needs and preferences. She finds innovative ways to get everyone involved, making choices and helping each other. With a classroom where 80% of children have special needs, Ms. Squizzato endless patience helps her form bonds with the children in her care.

Support of child development

  • Ms. Squizzato incorporates local to international events into daily activities for the children. From making medals during the Olympics, to "clean up your city day," her activities are relevant and tailored to the children's abilities.
  • Creative adaptations are made for every child and for every activity. At circle time, circles are conducted using a language model that incorporates pictures, signing, and the spoken word. Books and learning materials are adapted to allow for all individuals to participate.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Ms. Squizzato implemented a Parent-Child Interaction Group for parents to witness first-hand what their children learn throughout the day. She ran an informal discussion based on the question "what about your child delights you?" and everyone left with a handful of goodies, including a CD, and a book of words, signs and pictures that captured the day.
  • For children who might have a difficult time communicating what they did at school, Ms. Squizzato sends home daily How Was My Day reports. The reports include what and who they played with, what they ate, songs and signs they learned. She also takes time to sit down with each family to set goals and understand all of a child's needs.
  • As many of the children Ms. Squizzato works with attend other programs throughout the day, she does a seamless job of providing support, strategies and suggestions to other educators in order to ensure continuity.

Rave reviews

"The world is in great need of people like "teacher" Denise. If there were more Denises that engaged and loved our children, our world and education system would be a better place."


"There are many people in our lives whom we feel extremely blessed to know and Denise is one of those at the top of that list. The love that she offered to us as we walked through the door to her classroom has grown into a beautiful relationship with our daughter and our little family."


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