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Archived — Bernice Taylor

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Drayton Valley Early Childhood Development Centre
5024-48 Street
Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1A1

Telephone: 780-514-2248
Fax: 780-542-5753
Email: Drayton Valley Early Childhood Development Centre
Website: Drayton Valley Early Childhood Development Centre

Type of setting: Childcare centre for 12 months to 12 year olds

Philosophy of care

Up to her elbows with resources and a head full of creative ideas, Bernice Taylor has turned the Drayton Valley Early Childhood Development Centre into a buzzing hub for the community. A true force of nature, parents know they can go to her for help, children will always get the care they deserve and the community benefits from incredible initiatives and gestures of good will.

Support of child development

  • Ms. Taylor uses the Ages and Stages developmental screening tool to assess the unique developmental needs of each child, and she will attempt to engage the agency or professional in the community that could provide assistance to any given child. She even obtained sign language training for herself and her staff to assist a child with physical and language disabilities.
  • Ms. Taylor developed a Wings of Discovery project that focused on building environmentally friendly skills through gardening and vermi-composting activities. When the community installed solar panels on the roof of the centre, she took advantage of the technology to teach children about the energy program.
  • Ms. Taylor also introduced the Seeds of Empathy program to her centre to build tolerance and respect with the goal of reducing the occurrence of bullying as the children grow older.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Ms. Taylor set into motion the creation of the centre's Eco-Park. With resources obtained through the Toyota Evergreen Association, the area adjacent to the centre was transformed into a nature park with birdhouses, a living willow chair, natural log features, garden boxes, a butterfly garden and much more.
  • Ms. Taylor has partnered with the community's seniors club to have seniors come into the centre and share activities like building birdhouses and baking snacks with the children.
  • Ms. Taylor prepares a newsletter every two months for parents, agencies, municipal council members and other stakeholders.

Rave reviews

"[Bernice] knows every child by name, their needs and what is inevitable, their struggles. (…) She is completely and utterly a local hero to families in this community. She supports her staff, encourages higher learning and creative learning environments. (…) She, quite simply, makes me want to be a better parent through her example of what is possible in child care."


"Bernice Taylor has demonstrated in the three years that she has worked for our community that quality childcare lays the foundation for a healthy community. (…) Her relationships with staff, parents and the greater community help to create the best environment for our children to grow and learn."

Mayor, Town of Drayton Valley

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