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Archived — Bernice Taylor

Year: 2012 — Province: Alberta

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Bernice Taylor

Drayton Valley Early Childhood Development Centre
5024 48th Street, P.O. Box 6837
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1A1

Contact Info:
Phone: 780-514-2248
Email: Bernice Taylor
Website: Drayton Valley Early Childhood Development Centre

Video Profile

Type of setting: Childcare centre, including Family Day Home Agency for ages 13 months to 9 years

No garden, no time, not enough people? For Bernice Taylor – no problem. A magical Eco-Park was built for all to enjoy by mobilizing the local soccer association, high school students, Alberta Treasury Branch employees, a landscaper, Canada World Youth participants, a few seniors and the Toyota Evergreen Association.

Philosophy of care

Taylor always seems to have a new and innovative project in mind that will excite children and get them learning new things about the world around them. She regularly participates in workshops and encourages other educators to employ new learning tools or environments in order to best assess and promote child development.

Support of child development

  • To increase the children's exposure to nature, Taylor mobilized resources to transform an area next to the centre into an Eco-Park with birdhouses, a living willow chair, garden boxes, butterflies and a river of sand.
  • Taylor quickly establishes a relationship with each child as they enter the centre.
  • Regularly bringing innovative new programs to the centre, Taylor has implemented the Seeds of Empathy program to develop skills in children that will assist in reducing the occurrence of bullying, as they grow older.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Taylor prepares bi-monthly newsletters that go out to parents, agencies, municipal council members and other stakeholders to celebrate and get people involved in childcare.
  • Taylor regularly reaches out to immigrant families and has created literacy bags and multicultural bins, promoting English as a second language.
  • Taylor invites seniors to come to the centre to share activities with the children. Together they build birdhouses and bake snacks.

Rave reviews

Ms. Taylor is not just an administrator. She is completely and utterly a local hero to families in this community. (…) She is never stationary and always energetic and her enthusiasm for the children in her care is contagious. She, quite simply, makes me want to be a better parent through her example of what is possible in childcare.


Parents and caregivers often turn to Bernice for her guidance and advice. They know that she will extend herself in order to ensure that the resources they need to help their children are made available to them.

Director of Community Services, Town of Drayton Valley

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