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Year: 2013 — Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Angelique Sanders

Ryerson University School of Early Childhood Studies Early Learning Centre
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3

Contact Info:
Telephone: 416-979-5338
Email: Angelique Sanders
Website: Ryerson University School of Early Childhood Studies Early Learning Centre

Type of setting: Laboratory childcare centre for 1.5 to 6 years

With an ear for languages, Angelique Sanders has built a classroom where all languages are welcome, where children discover, understand and accept the different ways people talk, live, sing, eat, pray, cook and count. Language and literacy skills are not just respected, but they both encouraged and embraced.

Philosophy of care

Drawing from her own experience and interest in languages, Sanders enthusiastically implements, studies and contributes to a Linguistically Appropriate Practice or LAP (Chumak-Horbatsch, 2012). LAP is an inclusive classroom practice developed to assist early childhood educators, teachers and other professionals in working with children from different cultures. Sanders is committed to using language to highlight similarities and differences.

Support of child development

  • Sanders invents a variety of activities to incorporate and discuss multiple languages into the daily routine of her classroom. Students create bilingual name cards and learn how to sing, count and identify colours and shapes in different languages. She also displays and discusses various writing systems with her students.
  • On a daily basis, Sanders prepares sign-in books, where parents and children write their names in their preferred language.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Sanders works with children and their families to ensure inclusion and linguistic diversity in her classroom. She also invites parents to share books and stories in their home languages with the other students in her classroom.
  • Since 2011, Sanders has been implementing LAP into her classroom through creative activities, meetings with parents, and workshop presentations. She has been documenting her experience and has co-authored a journal article with a professor from Ryerson University.

Rave reviews

My son is a special-needs child, whose complex medical and developmental history makes it very challenging to accommodate and to help flourish; it takes a special teacher to take on such a task and to do it well. Ms. Sanders stood up to the challenge.


Angelique's work with newcomer children and families is exceptional. In her kindergarten and preschool classrooms linguistic diversity is not simply acknowledged—it is practiced daily. (…) Her work is inquiry-driven where children engage in numerous language and literacy activities, pose questions, seek and share answers, demonstrate a strong interest in outcomes, and discuss their ideas with each other, with family members and with visitors.

Associate Professor, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University.

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