Archived — Lucille Gilliland

Year: 2013 — Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Lucille Gilliland

Southwest Day Care and Early Learning Centre
504 4th Avenue Southwest
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 5V7

Contact Info:
Telephone: 306-693-6688
Email: Lucille Gilliland

Type of setting: Childcare and Early Learning Centre for 18 months to 12 years

Lucille Gilliland believes that "it takes a village to raise a child". Relying on a Reggio Emilia approach, where parents are the first teacher, the educator's the second, and the environment is the third, Gilliland makes sure that her students are actively engaged with all three.

Philosophy of care

Gilliland creatively adapts her classroom, her projects and technology to facilitate learning opportunities for her students. The learning environment is central to the way Gilliland plans her lessons and her students have no shortage of ways to express themselves. She is highly respected in her community and firmly believes and promotes that children are our future.

Support of child development

  • Gilliland has found several ways to use electronic tablets to help her students with special needs to communicate with others, and participate to the best of their abilities. She also incorporates the use of FM auditor trainers to facilitate communication with her students with special needs.
  • Continuously researching new developments in early childhood education and related fields, Gilliland works closely with medical professionals to set up the best possible programs for her students and their families.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Gilliland works with parents to ensure continuity in learning from the classroom to the home and beyond by calling on their customs and talents when organizing activities and projects.
  • Gilliland spends countless hours as a volunteer facilitator, teaching sign language in the early years to parents and community organizations.
  • Gilliland regularly integrates cultural activities into her programming. When some of her Aboriginal students were dancing in a community Pow Wow, Gilliland invited an Aboriginal dancer to her classroom to teach hoop dancing.

Rave reviews

Lucille really cared and went beyond the call of duty for me and my twins. (…) She is always on the search for something new and different to make things bright, exciting and novel for the children. Lucille's tireless efforts and research enriches the children's lives and creates memories they will have forever.


Lucille is remarkable in how she serves the children in the community. (…) She is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the services she provides. She is a lifelong learner and the knowledge she acquires is applied to the betterment of the day care program and ultimately the children and their families.


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