Archived — Isabelle Massé and Martine Sauvé

Year: 2013 — Province: Québec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Centre de la petite enfance La Marelle
8300 Industrielle Street
Sorel-Tracy, Québec J3R 5R3

Contact info
Telephone: 450-746-0842
E-mail: Centre de la petite enfance La Marelle

Type of setting: Early years centre for children ages 18 months to 5 years

Philosophy of care

Humour and mutual assistance characterize this inseparable duo. With a group of children including a large number of whom present with social skills problems, Isabelle Massé and Martine Sauvé redo their education plans every six weeks to be sure to cover the five areas of development—the socio-affective, psychomotor, intellectual, language and creative.

Support of child development

  • The educators have composed a book on the French language with the group. The book was based on the children's drawings. In addition, given that these children are not yet readers, the teachers collaborated with workers who made the activity more concrete for the youngsters.
  • The educators were able to successfully include in their group a child needing a wheelchair. The other children were sensitized to the child's illness and how to interact respectfully with their peer.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • The educators integrate activities that form a link with community, national and international events. The group participates in family parties and language and cultural celebrations tied to La Francophonie.
  • An activity board is made available every day for the purpose of maintaining communication links with the parents. The teachers also make themselves available in the evening twice a year for meetings with parents.
  • This teacher duo regularly cooperates with specialists in order to better meet the children's specific needs. They also have more informal partnerships such as with the corner bakery, which prepares little surprises, and the nearby school, which lends them their gym.

Rave reviews

One might say that the members of this work team complement one another! What inspires me the most is the creative aspect. It's always interesting to go to their place. It's lively, dynamic


Isabelle Massé and Martine Sauvé optimize each of the children's development by focussing on their unique characteristics….The relationship and professionalism that unite the team are such that dialogue and communication are constants, making the exchange of information continuous.

Administrative assistant

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