Archived — Alegre Mizrahi

Year: 2013 — Province: Québec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Centre de la petite enfance du Centre communautaire juif
5480 Westbury Avenue
Montreal, Québec H3W 3G2

Contact Info:
Telephone: 514-735-5565
Email: Centre de la petite enfance du Centre communautaire juif

Type of setting: Child care centre for 18 months to 5 years

Philosophy of care

When an opportunity presents itself, Alegre Mizrahi is quick to embrace it. She carefully creates strategic partnerships and effortlessly motivates children to be curious and explore their environments, while mobilizing parents and colleagues to work together toward common goals.

Support of child development

  • When the provincial government implemented a universal childcare initiative, Mizrahi embraced the opportunity to expand the centre's capacity from 98 to 178 children in new and renovated facilities.
  • Mizrahi partnered with a local development centre to welcome children with special needs to the childcare centre. She demonstrated that differences are to be understood and embraced and that in order to teach children to be inclusive and caring, everyone had to live and model that attitude.
  • Mizrahi ensures that any developmental delays, psychological or behavioural problems are quickly addressed and has a psychologist, as well as occupational and speech therapists, on hand to provide timely help.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Mizrahi regularly meets with parents to discuss individual children and provides them with information and support as soon as problems are detected. She also produces a bi-monthly parents' bulletin that keeps families informed about the activities and daily experiences of their children. The publication involves other centre employees and parent volunteers. 
  • The Centre's resource library contains over 3,000 books in both English and French. Mizrahi leads a group of parent volunteers who continue to improve the selection and maintain the special space.
  • Mizrahi and her students collaborated over several months with a known painter in Montreal—Hervé Téboul—to create a triptych mural of a Montreal scene. The children showcased the work to their families at a special Sunday afternoon event and had reproductions of the work available for purchase.

Rave reviews

My daughter runs to Alegre every time we see her in the hall. She greets her with a smile and a hug normally only reserved for parents or close loved ones. It is not only that Alegre views these children as extensions of her own being, it is that the children feel the same way.


You will often find Alegre involved in symbolic representational play, dressed up as a fireman, a baby, or many other roles, as she recognizes the importance of role playing for the young child's understanding of the world. When she attempts to leave the classroom, it is often under protest from the children, asking about how soon she will return.

Director of Administration

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