Nomination Text Template

The use of this template is optional. For more detailed instructions, please consult the helpful hints in preparing a nomination in the 2020 Prime Minister's Awards Guidelines.


An original title can make your nomination stand out among the others.

Nominee information

Please include the name of your nominee. (Last name, First name)


(Maximum 350 words)

An effective introduction should be compelling and arouse the interest of the reader.

Use each of the 4 selection criteria as its own heading.

Ensure that your text is double-spaced.

1. Support of Child Development

(Maximum 1000 words)

2. Innovation

(Maximum 1000 words)

3. Involvement with Parents, Families and the Community

(Maximum 1000 words)

4. Commitment and Leadership in the Field

(Maximum 1000 words)


(Maximum 350 words)

An effective conclusion should summarize your nominee's overall achievements. Consider it as a final opportunity to convince the reader that your nominee deserves Canada's highest honour.

Don't forget your page numbers!

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