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Archived — Recipient Bios

Year: 1996 – Province: British Columbia

National Recipient

Kanwal Neel

Kanwal Neel of Steveston Senior Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia, inspires his students to emulate his well-rounded approach to learning. Using Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory, Mr. Neel teaches students to think and respond to problems in seven different ways. The result is a balanced understanding that allows students to see how science problems can be taken out of the isolated context in which they are often taught, and fit into everyday life. Mr. Neel also works to create a classroom atmosphere where his students feel secure, take risks in their learning and extend their learning potential. As head of the mathematics department at Steveston Senior Secondary, Mr. Neel has made graphical calculators and a computer lab available to students, even during a time of shrinking budgets. He has also passed on his expertise to other teachers through direct help, books and articles, and by teaching a university course. Mr. Neel recently received an award for his work as the co- host of highly regarded television show called Math Shop.

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