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Year: 1996 – Province: Ontario

National Recipient

Jacqueline Aird

Jacqueline Aird feels that, despite the increased emphasis on science in elementary schools, there is still much to do to improve science programs for students just beginning school. At Green Acres School in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Ms. Aird has used her 32 years of teaching experience to integrate math and sciences into the kindergarten to Grade 4 curriculum. Among other things, her students have learned how to read, write and understand numbers up to four digits, and have created and maintained a garden to learn about the environment. Ms. Aird focuses on teaching students how to think, and uses their strengths in some subject areas to introduce them to others. Her students have responded positively to these efforts. Girls have become more confident in their science studies with the help of the integrated program and boys have shown more confidence reading than is typical in early school years. Extra tutoring provided by Ms. Aird has also enabled many students to produce successful science fair projects.

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