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Year: 1996 – Province: Ontario

National Recipient

Zoltan Koritar

Zoltan Koritar is head of the biology department at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario, where he puts considerable effort into keeping his students abreast of the latest developments in the science of biology. One example is his ground-breaking work bringing biotechnology programs to the high school level, including a co-op education program in which his students do work in biotechnology laboratories that was previously only done by university students. Mr. Koritar has also emphasized the involvement of parents in education. His work with the parents' association at Northern Secondary has not only helped parents understand what their children are doing in school, but has also increased their scientific awareness. The end result of Mr. Koritar's efforts has been an immensely successful enriched science program. His students - including the one who nominated him for the Prime Minister's Award - have gone on to success in national and often in international science competitions. Many more have pursued successful university careers, some at the world's most prestigious universities.

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