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Year: 1996 – Province: Ontario

National Recipient

Jamie Kai Ming Kwpk

Jamie Kai Ming Kwok gave his students a valentine unlike any other last year: he plopped an uncut cow's heart down in front of them. What this may have lacked in romance, it made up for in learning opportunities. Mr. Kwok puts considerable emphasis on hands-on activities to help students who are faced with both learning a second language and completing the science curriculum at Cummer Valley Middle School in North York, Ontario. He well understands the shyness of ESL students as he himself spoke very little English when he first came to Canada at age 16. The use he makes of his experience dealing with major life changes is particularly important to his Grade 3 to 9 students. During these crucial years they develop problem-solving skills and learn why these skills are important and useful. All of his students - and especially those who are learning English as a second language or have special needs - enter high school with the ability to talk about abstract ideas in familiar language.

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