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Year: 1996 – Province: Quebec

National Recipient

Johanne Patry

Johanne Patry has an insatiable curiosity that has led her to study in a wide variety of scientific fields, ranging from agricultural science to neurology. She conveys this enthusiasm to her Secondary 4 Physics students at École secondaire Vaudreui l in Vaudreuil, Quebec, to promote in them a sense of wonder of scientific exploration. Ms. Patry is also actively involved in the school's Science au futur club and promotes the study of space sciences, getting students to do underwater experiments, approximate low-gravity situations and carry out a space station simulation. For many students, the payoff from Ms. Patry's teaching has nothing to do with outer space or the underwater world. They point to her ability to stimulate their intellectual curiosity about very familiar things. After taking her courses, students are much more critical of the claims made on television commercials for products such as toothpastes or antacid medicines, and they have no doubts about the relevance of science to their lives and their opportunities in the future.

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