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Year: 1998 – Province: Nova Scotia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Sylvia Gunnery

School: Park View Education Centre

Principal: Trudy Johnson
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary English, program support

Teaching approach:

  • Be a mirror to give students back their own lives, and be involved with them.
  • Use creative writing for all students, not just interested ones, to develop language, critical- thinking and social skills, as well as build confidence.
  • Challenge fellow teachers to rethink their teaching style and substance, and support them by sharing expertise and developing curriculum.

Outstanding achievements:

Develops creative-writing assignments that mimic what real writers do to improve their work, rather than relying on artificial textbook-based projects.

Edits monthly newsletter of student writing, working with students to revise their work.

Published Just Write! Ten Practical Workshops for Successful Student Writing in 1998, and seven novels for young adults since 1984.

Received Hilroy Fellowship in 1989 for "professional enterprise displayed in the development and application of an important educational innovation."

Contributed to development of marking rubrics for language arts in Nova Scotia that reflect a writer's understanding of writers and their craft.

Rave reviews:

"It was in your English class that you taught me self-respect and also how to overcome my shyness. I was able to overcome my inhibitions and learn to deal with speaking to crowds. This has definitely helped me during my years as a student and as a professional. I now have my own accounting business…. It was in your class that I was motivated to accomplish this." Former student

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