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Year: 1998 – Province: Nova Scotia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Charles McMillan

School: Truro Junior High School

Principal: Donna Spacek
Grades/Subjects Taught: Junior high science

Teaching approach:

  • Use hands-on, minds-on activities and group work to teach students to think critically and act logically.
  • Build teams based on individual strength and diversity to allow students to learn from one another and from their experience of working together.
  • Enhance learning with technology and think tanks, or "brain sweat shops," to encourage students to exceed their expectations.
  • Use constructivist approach to build knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Outstanding achievements:

Students are consistently top performers in Nova Scotia achievement tests and win provincial and national science awards.

Parents frequently ask for their children to be placed in his class.

Developed a Murder Mystery science unit that has been used in many countries.

Picked by the province to field test new science curriculum and to review software used to teach science, and invited to provincial and international science association conferences to share his expertise.

Active in curriculum development, gives workshops for teachers and coaches local sports teams.

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