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Year: 1998 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Joan Conrod

School: Pontiac Protestant High School

Principal: Margaret Dupuis
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary English and drama

Teaching approach:

  • Use a variety of strategies and clear expectations to develop correct spoken and written communication.
  • Inspire students to cultivate clear understanding and love of English, as well as knowledge and proficiency, which are important to personal development.
  • Share expertise, assist fellow educators and guide betterment of school services to benefit students.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed and delivers innovative language arts programs focussing on communications skills:

  • promotes public speaking, student-taught lessons on vocabulary, story-telling, debating, dramatizing novel sections to develop and improve students' listening and speaking skills
  • uses effective questioning techniques and a knowledge of students' strengths, weaknesses and personal challenges to draw every member of the class into discussions
  • students regularly participate and excel in public-speaking and essay-writing contests. In 1997, one student was the first from Québec in 77 years to win prestigious essay contest.

Extracurricular drama program:

  • produces and directs drama festival or school musical every year. Events involve contribution of entire school, elementary school students and members of community.
  • builds community spirit, motivation and confidence of all
  • offers members of small community rare opportunity to experience arts and theatre
  • events raise funds for school improvement and student trips to Europe, Stratford, and the United States, which are usually impossible for disadvantaged rural students.
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