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Year: 1998 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Colette Roussel , Jean Marmette , Johann Pichette , Michel Desbiens

School: École secondaire de Rochebelle

Principal: Michel Tremblay
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary English, French, history, physics

Teaching approach:

Create interdisciplinary studies to help students develop

  • methodological work habits
  • language skills
  • critical-thinking skills and the ability to express themselves clearly
  • personal discipline, autonomy and responsibility
  • team spirit.

Use new technology to help students

  • develop positive attitudes towards technology
  • acquire advanced information-handling skills
  • adapt to change.

Outstanding achievements:

Created integrated program for approximately 200 students:

  • students have created two imaginary villages. Approaching the subject from various disciplines, they created scale models, software presentations and oral presentations about these towns.
  • to date, two of six projected towns have been completed: a village of the future and a Quebec village circa 1853.

Created a researchers' association for students. To qualify for membership, a student must present the idea for a research project for approval, carry it out, present results and write up a report.

Rave reviews:

"The interdisciplinary project was certainly one of my most memorable experiences in high school. So, despite the long hours and numerous obstacles, I consider it to be a very rewarding and worthwhile project." Student

"The teachers convinced the students to take on a major project and succeeded in maintaining their enthusiasm." Parent

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