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Year: 1998 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Yves Potvin

School: École Leblanc

Principal: Jocelyne Leblanc
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary physical education

Teaching approach:

  • Make students responsible for their own physical education by having them impose a schedule of activities on themselves.
  • Make students aware of how they can use physical education to further their personal development and learning.
  • Incite students to take part in physical activities during their free time as a way of relaxing, among other things.
  • Help students acquire positive values by instilling a sense of good sportsmanship.

Outstanding achievements:

Several students have won awards for combined success in athletic and academic pursuits.

Created La bande sportive, an internationally recognized website on teaching physical education. He also created and maintains the school's website.

Has had a number of articles published internationally and has recently published a book, À vos marques! Pour des olympiades réussies, for teachers looking to organize sports competitions at their schools.

Rave reviews:

"Mr. Potvin has never stopped creating and inventing ways to motivate the students and encourage their participation. For four years he has been developing every type of "health passport" to encourage all pupils at the school to be physically active." Fellow teacher

"I can assure you that Yves Potvin is a born motivator. Even after five years, the students are still talking about him." Parent

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