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Year: 1998 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Sheva Strolovitch

School: Hebrew Academy

Principal: Rachel Archibald
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary language arts, mathematics

Teaching approach:

  • Respond to students. "Response is the essence of my teaching _ I respond to the child. This brings out their best, and I respond to that."
  • Blending the art and science of learning. "Education of the whole child and integration of curriculum go hand in hand."

Outstanding achievements:

Developed, coordinates and delivers Sensitization Program:

  • successful program designed to sensitize students to those with special needs, which is an important task of learning community
  • features whole-language philosophy, uses themes of friendship, independence and others, and brings together literature, films, writing experiences, discussions, interviews and dramatic presentations to grades 1 _ 6, teachers, parents and community organizations
  • expanded to a trilingual program (English, French and Hebrew).

Creates a holistic learning environment to reach the whole child:

  • balances discipline and structure with nurturing and caring
  • teaches courtesy, independence and decision making, and deals with challenging children and situations consistently, calmly and with humour
  • sends a personal letter to each of her students when they graduate in Grade 6 with a sample of their Grade 1 work.
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