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Year: 1998 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Gabrielle Tawfik

School: Trafalgar School for Girls

Principal: Geoff Dowd
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary math and science

Teaching approach:

  • Inspire a love of, and excitement about, science in young women.
  • Share new approaches to teaching, insights, resources and enthusiasms with fellow educators and students.
  • Incorporate a wide variety of learning and assessment activities, such as labs, lectures, group work and simulations, to increase student enjoyment and foster a tendency to think and act as young scientists.

Outstanding achievements:

Instituted use of new technology as teaching tools, including the following:

  • graphic calculator (a visual tool to show mathematical relations)
  • geometer's sketchpad (drawing software to assist students weak in geometry)
  • spreadsheets (computer-generated graphing software useful in advanced studies)
  • SchoolNet (Industry Canada-sponsored Internet project to provide remote teaching resources).

Participates in curriculum design and review:

  • member of Science Coordinating Committee, which meets throughout the school year to discuss resources, teaching methodology and strategies
  • coordinated team to prepare provincial physics exams
  • member of Canadian Educational Standards Review, teams of private school teachers that act as advisory committees for other private schools.

Rave reviews:

"Gaby combines an absolute passion for math, especially calculus, with a humanity and humour which touches every student. She is just as interested in the _ plodder' as the _ high flyer' and has turned many a mediocre performer into an excellent student." Fellow teacher

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