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Year: 1998 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Charalambos Thomas

School: Centennial Regional High School

Principal: Len Davis
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary moral and religious education, math, reading and computer science

Teaching approach:

  • Include awareness of values and morals when teaching problem-solving and decision-making. "Many decisions have a values dimension."
  • Explore values as an important part of the educational process, particularly in a multicultural milieu.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed Moral and Religious Education Toolkit, an interactive multimedia CD-ROM of educational materials suitable for Protestant, Catholic or secular moral and religious education (MRE) programs:

  • serves as a valuable pedagogical tool for MRE teachers, who frequently have little training or expertise in this area, and struggle to locate suitable instructional material
  • contains innovative, creative lesson plans, notes, learning activities and test questions designed or compiled from a wide range of sources, the manuscript of an MRE textbook, and list of MRE-related websites
  • distributed 85 copies at cost throughout Quebec to school boards and private schools; led workshops and presentations to educators.

Involved students in creating this successful product: locating websites, developing artwork, desktop publishing, creating video clips. Work led to launch of web page competition and developed class computer experts.

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