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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Carol Adam

School: Lord Strathcona Public School

Principal: Anne Jacobsen
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary language, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, physical education, arts

Teaching approach:

  • Exploit the strengths of the curriculum, and explore educational alternatives and revise philosophical thinking when necessary; use all to address different learning styles.
  • Remember the parents _ use them as part of your teaching team.

Outstanding achievements:

Created industrious workshop atmosphere in classroom with innovative projects:

Lever Mania:

  • study unit uses International Plowing Match theme. Teaches structures, stability and levers, integrates science experimentation, measurement mathematics and literature about farming, farm animals, vehicles and structures.
  • incremental presentation of concepts from building drinking-straw structures, experimenting with levers to finally building a model rural community with a working bridge, windmill, lever and vehicles.

Cheese Store:

  • uses fundraiser to provide real-life learning about record keeping, estimation, measurement, cheese manufacturing, and more
  • when cheese order arrives, "shoppers" fill individual order forms, and estimate then tally cheese weight and price; "salespeople" sort cheese and restock shelves; and "shippers" check orders and deliver cheese to other classes.

Extended learning from the classroom to the home with Kits _ N Kaboodles:

  • homework kits, in the form of simple fabric book bags, contain a piece of children's literature, and related activities integrating literature, math and science, a parent response journal and the child's recording book
  • hands-on homework idea is cross-curriculum fun for entire families. Parents now contribute ideas. Former students return to borrow bags.
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