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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Sholom Eisenstat , Tito Faria

School: Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Principal: Miriam Pearlman
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary visual arts design, principles of design and computer graphics, co-op career exploration, computer studies and computer problem solving, communications technology and technology support

Teaching approach:

  • Take chances and do things in a different way or with a new twist.
  • Involve students in their own learning. School should not be a spectator sport for students.
  • Integrate technology into the curriculum.
  • Create challenges that bridge courses and integrate subject matter.
  • Devise problems that require creative solutions but allow students to work in a nurturing and safe environment.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed several major school programs, including:

  • CyberARTS _ a program integrating visual arts and technology that focusses on project-based and real-life activities and produces experienced graphic artists and animators sought after by industry
  • North York Board of Education's information technology initiative, which led the way for the introduction of technology into North York schools in all areas of the curriculum
  • G8 Birmingham youth summit.

Established partnerships with several leading technology companies.

School recognized as an Apple Computer School of Distinction.

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