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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Rick Hay

School: Whitney Public School

Principal: Irene Rowe
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary, all subjects

Teaching approach:

  • Practice what you preach; follow through on what you start.
  • Use Grade 1 to prepare the children's love of learning and study habits for further grades. It sets the tone for their entire school career.
  • Teach children that learning happens everywhere and lasts a lifetime with a variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom and the involvement of home and community.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed Grade 1 program to thoroughly prepare children for higher grades:

  • arranges pre-entrance interview with students and parents to determine learning style and needs, gives parents an overview of the curriculum and eases the sometimes intimidating transition into Grade 1
  • maintains a strong academic program
  • introduces groups learning, class presentations and computers to young learners.

Initiates innovative environmental activities:

  • organized committee to start environmental garden on school property
  • coordinated in-school recycling program and litterless lunch room
  • promoted walk-to-school month to highlight clean air issues.

Organized program to make school and staff computer literate:

  • evaluated school's needs and organized purchase of computers and multimedia software
  • arranged in-service training to ensure effective use of new technology, trained students to deliver in-class training
  • publishes school website containing weekly newsletter, classroom activities, lists of homework assignments and individual web pages.
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