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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Frank Mustoe

School: University of Toronto Schools

Principal: Stan Pearl
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary chemistry, physics, general science

Teaching approach:

  • Provide a relevant and challenging learning environment to an academically able and challenging set of students.
  • Use sophisticated technology, such as computer projections to illustrate three-dimensional structures and dynamics, and spreadsheets for lab data entry. Don't overlook simpler technology such as balloons and models.
  • Integrate subject matter.
  • Stay in contact with students after graduation and act as a mentor to them.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed the Portfolio to extend students' learning and understanding of chemistry beyond the classroom. Students attend and take exams in university course, attend lectures and learn from journals.

His students are top performers in competitions such as the Avogadro chemistry contest and the Chemical Institute of Canada Contest and the Chemistry Olympiad. Students are keen to participate in these competitions.

Co-author of Physics Today 1, a popular senior physics textbook.

Rave reviews:

"The chemistry labs Dr. Mustoe has written are fabulous because they are challenging and interesting in the way they introduce students to laboratory equipment and stress the importance of safety, accuracy, efficiency and team work." Student

"Frank's students, year after year, have led the country in national and international competitions. This is due in no small part to the hundreds of hours he worked with them outside school hours, early in the morning, after school and on the weekend." Fellow teacher

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