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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Brian Taylor

School: Horizon Alternative Senior School

Principal: Lisa McNair
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary mathematics, science, history, geography, computer studies

Teaching approach:

  • Motivate students by allowing them to take control of their own learning. Interest, and thus motivation, can only happen when students see a clear purpose for learning.
  • The perception of purpose can be conveyed by a teaching method utilizing simulations (real-life situations) that have a game component with specific goals, and require students to learn a variety of facts and skills, including computer skills.
  • The use of simulations gives all students opportunities to take charge, make decisions and feel successful.
  • Foster social integration among students for the best learning results.

Outstanding achievements:

Intimately involved in creating the alternative education movement in Toronto, and largely responsible for the development of two alternative schools.

Pioneered teaching methodology and curriculum development centered on simulations such as The Town, The United Nations and The Stock Market. The Town, for example, sets up a scenario in which students build a community, making decisions about everything that affects its growth (e.g. government, economics, taxes and education). In The Stock Market, students develop a portfolio, buy and sell using actual market information off the Internet, and learn to do spreadsheets to display their results.

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