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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Elaine Vine

School: Vaughan Road Academy

Principal: Colleen Baycroft
Grades/Subjects Taught: INTERACT program, Grade 11-OAC English, writer's craft

Teaching approach:

  • Fulfill responsibility as teacher to provide relevant, realistic curricula in secure, respectful, comfortable environment.
  • Create this learning environment by setting clear expectations with a firm hand.
  • Let students take an active role in education, using discussion-based and participatory teaching.

Outstanding achievements:

Created and heads INTERACT program for high school students of all abilities with serious outside commitments such as athletic or dance training:

  • provides flexible scheduling of academic classes. For example, a number of skiers completed most the year's mathematics material before winter training season began and returned to school in spring on track with peers
  • students participate in Internet-based courses (OAC world issues, senior-level world religion and history courses) while away from school
  • established mentorship program between teachers and junior students to nurture lifelong skills of time management, study and learning habits, and communication
  • maintains high standards and expectations for these students, and is able to make school interesting and challenging enough to compete with their first loves of sports, dance, drama.
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