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Year: 1998 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Colin Williamson

School: Bridlewood Community Elementary School

Principal: Richard Kelly
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary music, mathematics, English

Teaching approach:

Teaching philosophy

  • Some of the most effective learning takes place outside the traditional classroom curriculum.
  • The study of music enhances skills in other subjects. Music and the arts are essential components of education.

Outstanding achievements:

Teaches each student to play a musical instrument, and to enjoy and appreciate music:

  • helps each child choose an instrument
  • stresses music is for all, not just select few
  • chooses music that all can relate to such as the Lion King theme
  • uses enthusiasm for music and classroom management skills to give instruction as needed to each child
  • by the end of Grade 8 each student is an accomplished musician. Parents and other listeners regularly comment on the quality of musical performances.

Plans, organizes and leads annual three-day senior band trip to play at Canada's Wonderland Music Festival and to visit sites around southern Ontario. Trip is highlight of two years of practice, fundraising and adherence to group expectations.

Integrates hands-on strategies and problem-solving activities into daily teaching to ensure students see relevance of what they are learning:

  • measurements taught when building and painting platforms for band
  • computation and estimation taught when developing financial proposal for band trip
  • business skills developed through fundraising and planning events for band trip.
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