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Year: 1998 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Spencer Duncanson

School: Sisler High School

Principal: George Heshka
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary choral music and dance

Teaching approach:

  • Diversity in student population requires diversity in ways of communicating knowledge.
  • The arts communicate lessons concerning creativity and humanity, lessons not easily transmitted in or by a technological environment.
  • Visual and performing arts is necessary for a complete education.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed popular dance curriculum of jazz and ballet in partnership with Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.

High-risk male students formed dance troupe, "Sisler's Most Wanted." Won silver ribbon five months later. Have made significant personal and academic improvements since.

Created jazz choir to join school concert and chamber choir, providing more challenging repertoire for talented students. Choir, seen as cool, is also another niche for at-risk students to belong, succeed and excel.

Faculty Advisor Program:

  • initiated development of program to provide each student, especially at-risk students, with an educational mentor. Serves as chairman of committee.
  • researched programs at other schools, developed model for Sisler
  • helped implement career portfolios for each student. These portfolios give students a better understanding of personal strengths, allow informed career choices.
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