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Year: 1998 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Hope Kideckel

School: Sisler High School

Principal: George Heshka
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary career education

Teaching approach:

  • Help students begin early to direct their own education, make career plans and consider their goals.
  • Make students aware of the technology-driven, ever-changing global job market.
  • Help students monitor and assess their strengths and weaknesses, as they endeavour to make their plans a reality.
  • Never refuse to help any student find his or her "place in the world."

Outstanding achievements:

Introduced the career exploration program at Sisler, the largest high school in Manitoba, changing the way students make connections between their school life and the "real" life awaiting them in the future. As coordinator of career education and placement, identifies employment and mentorship opportunities in the private and public sectors for Sisler students.

In three years, has established more than 110 partnerships with community businesses and organizations, including two universities, enabling more than 1000 students to participate in job shadowing (one- or two-day career exploration activity) or career internship.

Initiated and collaborated with Sisler's Business Education Department to introduce a new course in the 1998-99 academic year: Youth Entrepreneurship.

Initiated a highly successful partnership with the National Research Council's Institute for Biodiagnostics, in which six Sisler Grade 11 students worked alongside scientists.

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