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Year: 1998 – Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Gloria Herauf

School: Yorkton Catholic School Division #86

Principal: Leroy Persick
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary music

Teaching approach:

  • Take the ordinary in each student and make it extraordinary.
  • Inspire students to do their best, but still to enjoy what they are learning.
  • Set high expectations and create a learning atmosphere that is both stimulating and rewarding.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed and delivers comprehensive elementary music program in five schools:

  • from Kindergarten to Grade 3, students learn basic structures of music with percussion and rhythm instruments, recorders and songs with hand movements
  • from Grade 4 to 6, students expand knowledge by learning ukulele
  • in grade 7 and 8 students study music history and appreciation. Also learn songs and dances.

Program has ensured students are well prepared for high school arts courses and spurred some on to careers in the arts.

Arranges Christmas concerts, winter and spring musicals in all division schools. Ensures that every student has a part, re-writes plays if necessary to accomplish this.

Directs school choirs, teaches students how to perform and maintain stage presence.

Directs Yorkton Catholic Schools Ukulele Ensemble, a volunteer group of elementary and high school students that regularly wins top prize at a local music festival.

Promotes music education:

  • conducts workshops for music teachers
  • produces educational classroom tapes and programmed diskettes for school clavinovas
  • teaches two university classes (music and music education).
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