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Year: 1998 – Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Roger Morgan

School: Kincaid Central School

Principal: Shane Onraet
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary math, physics, computer science

Teaching approach:

  • Train students to develop self-discipline and monitor their own performance with "adaptive assignments," allowing choice of skills level and difficulty.
  • Expand students' horizons with correspondence courses, competitions and track meets.

Outstanding achievements:

Devised system of adaptive assignments:

  • assignments accommodate learners with three separate levels of questions based on same curriculum objectives. System used for assignments and exams refined to encourage more personal responsibility in higher grades. Leads and rewards students toward mastery learning.
  • students choose self-defined appropriate level of assignment, can answer question at more than one level without losing marks. Homework bonuses can compensate for low exam results.

Played leading role in improving academic performance of school. Graduating class (comprising 15-20 students) in last eight years has received an average of $9000 in scholarships and other awards. School now recognized throughout district for academic achievements.

Acts as a role model for students, showing them that education and contributing to the community are important:

  • students visit elementary classes to teach measurement, gather statistics for an assignment and show young learners a positive approach to school
  • arranges work experience placements as secretary for local sports association and as volunteer camp counsellors at Camp Easter Seal.

Rave reviews:

"Students trust in the maturity and responsibility they have developed throughout their high school course guided by Mr. Morgan." Principal

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