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Year: 1998 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Margie MacDonell

School: École Rocky Elementary School

Principal: Jean Cobb
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary language arts, health, art, physical education, counselling

Teaching approach:

Create a supportive environment in which children can

  • learn to like themselves
  • grow to be pro-active citizens
  • develop strength of character
  • join teams and work together peaceably.

Outstanding achievements:

Designed Peaceable School Community Project to create a peaceful, productive learning environment for all. Begun in school, later expanded to reach parents and community:

  • developed in response to public school atmosphere of emotional, verbal and physical violence, inappropriate behaviour, bullying and discrimination by age, sex, and economic status
  • trains student conflict management and mediation teams, which successfully resolve 90 percent of school conflicts
  • teaches social skills and reduces impulsive aggressive behaviour with "Second Step" violence prevention curriculum
  • holds workshops on communication and conflict resolution skills for staff and parents
  • promotes peace pole that travels from class to class, annual peace rally and breakfast program.

Program recognized by provincial department of education as a Promising Practice. Students chosen to join nation-wide rally in Toronto to honour Nelson Mandela.

Rave reviews:

"She has made us realize that peace is important in the world. If we learn to resolve conflicts as children these skills will help us become better adults. Sister Margie is a good example for others. She makes us want to be like her." Grade 6 students

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