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Year: 1998 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Clarence Samuelson

School: John Maland High School

Principal: Verna Schmidt
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary instrumental music and general music

Teaching approach:

  • "There is always a way to get students to succeed in playing a hard piece. Sure I teach music, but what keeps me going is that I teach passion; I teach life."
  • Be sure to give something back.

Outstanding achievements:

  • incorporates computer technology, music camps and advanced students teaching beginners to make music interesting and fun for students
  • offers competition opportunities as incentive to excel. This dedication to excellence has resulted in provincial, national and international music festival awards.

Special projects with promising musicians:

  • recognizes and motivates special talent with innovative projects. Guided and coached students to write music, lyrics for 1997-98 graduation theme song. Arranged recording session, distributed copies to all graduates.
  • encourages students to excel in other areas. Top music students are typically on the honour roll or top athletes as well.

Guest conductor program:

  • uses network of contacts, excellent reputation of music program, promotion at festivals and concerts to invite nationally and internationally recognized conductors to visit classes. These visits are highlight of student year and integral to student motivation.

Peer workshops:

  • organizes after-school music workshops in which senior students, completely responsible for instruction, tutor Grade 7 students. Senior and junior students gain confidence and motivation to extend personal limits from the experience.
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