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Year: 1998 – Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

James Myles

School: Fredericton High School

Principal: James Thorburn
Grades/Subjects Taught: Secondary biology

Teaching approach:

  • Treat all students with respect.
  • Engage students' interest with humour and the excitement of discovery, and show them how all subjects are interconnected.
  • Challenge students in a manner befitting their individual abilities.

Outstanding achievements:

Researched and developed a database for biology curricula used throughout New Brunswick, and an exam on laser disk that includes hands-on work.

Developed an enriched biology program for college-bound students:

  • Three courses include challenging material, innovative teaching methods, with maximum emphasis on reasoning to foster problem solving and critical and creative thinking, and opportunities for students to experience biology in the work environment.
  • Courses are so popular there is a long waiting list for them.

Directed/produced 15 highly successful musical productions involving 150 to 200 students of all abilities and interests each year.

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