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Year: 1998 – Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Ken Marland

School: Buena Vista Elementary School

Principal: Lyn Carduner
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary, all subjects

Teaching approach:

  • Build confidence by teaching children that they can learn.
  • Prepare children to meet new tasks and challenges with assurance.
  • Create excitement and willingness to learn.
  • Develop citizenship and sense of stewardship.

Outstanding achievements:

Creates engrossing integrated study units using local wildlife and found objects:

  • Two young bats, out of hibernation too early, became short-term Grade 2 classroom pets and the focus of a thematic unit of study encompassing all elements of the curriculum.

Uses his skills in art, music and drama to present learning in fresh ways:

  • He wrote a song about water for Yellow Fish Road program discouraging pollution of storm sewers. Sung by his students, the song is used by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
  • Students wrote, staged and acted a 45-minute drama about the history of bison on the Prairies.

Encourages citizenship and stewardship activities:

  • Grade 5 and 6 students made presentation to city council to demand improved sewage treatment facilities.
  • Grade 2 students are stewards of vacant city lot and hold bake sales and recycling drives to raise money for trees, shrubs and maintenance.

Member of Provincial Arts Education Committee, developed new arts curriculum, published teacher resource books for study units. Won William C. McMaster Special Merit Award for outstanding achievement in using children's literature in creative and imaginative ways to promote reading.

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