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Year: 1998 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Patricia Clifford , Sharon Friesen

School: Banded Peak School

Principal: Brant Parker
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary and junior high, all subjects

Teaching approach:

  • "Far too little of what most students do in school engages their imagination, fuels their passion to learn, connects them deeply with their world, their hearts and minds." Clifford and Friesen, Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century, 1995.

Outstanding achievements:

Coordinated participation of 15 Grade 6 students in a high-school/university-level training program in support of the Junior Team Canada trade mission to China:

  • students prepared proposal for trade mission activities and attended three-day training course
  • training organizers now considering expanding program to regularly include young learners
  • created Junior Team Canada Virtual Trade Mission so students can explore the diverse characteristics of human culture and the complexity of interaction in the modern world.

Developed wide variety of project-based learning opportunities:

  • student-produced video on environmental issues related to local site being considered for logging. Made available over the Internet, the video was viewed by hundreds of people, including the provincial Opposition Environment Critic, who cited some of the content in a private member's bill.
  • several students are involved with NASA and Project Starshine
  • Grade 2 and 6 students working with partner classes in the United States and Japan won first place in the elementary category of the AT&T Virtual Classroom competition for their website "Shimobragg Lake: A Virtual Country."

Created the Galileo Centre:

  • working professional development site for Alberta teachers
  • supports the work of teachers across Alberta who are committed to enhancing student learning through professional development, research and integrating technology into education.

Rave reviews:

"Learning new things isn't boring anymore. It's really cool to learn!" Student

"These teachers showed what _ a passionate commitment to learning' could do to help students develop over time." Fellow teacher

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