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Year: 1999 – Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Wade Gillard

School: Booth Memorial High School

Principal: Derrick Moore
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Communications technology, computer technology, woodworking, home maintenance

Teaching approach:

  • Show the students in the classroom that they have priority.
  • Encourage mentoring, share knowledge and expertise whenever possible, and develop respect for others' talents and abilities.
  • Treat all students fairly and equitably; they will bring this example to their own relationships.
  • Help reluctant learners find success in school.

Outstanding achievements:

Led team of technology instructors, encouraged cross-discipline perspective of computer technology and curriculum, and prepared an innovative information and communications technology program. This successful program has enabled graduating students to enter advanced post-secondary technology courses and has been adopted by other area schools.

Provided enriched work for computer technology students in LINUX, CGI and PERL, including contact with post-secondary interns for further exposure to advanced computer technologies.

Arranged weekly video-conferencing sessions between Booth students and peers in Ireland and Japan. Students collaborated on projects such as the AT&T Virtual Classroom and an ocean temperature study, and created a presentation for the president of Ireland's visit to Canada.

Led school-wide integration of technology into curriculum; resulted in Booth being named as one of 24 members of Industry Canada's Network of Innovative Schools.

Provided hands-on instruction in woodworking courses; resulted in high student commitment and performance, an attendance rate of 90 percent, and pass rates of 87 to 100 percent.

Rave reviews:

"He motivated me to get involved. He thought that I had potential and he encouraged me to develop it." Former student

"Wade's guidance has prepared us for the realities of the workplace." Technology intern

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