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Year: 1999 – Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Robert Rose

School: Prince of Wales Collegiate

Principal: Allister Dyke
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Mathematics

Teaching approach:

  • Challenge and engage students by teaching to the maximum requirements.
  • Reward honest effort, tenacity and application with positive feedback and encouragement.
  • Communicate subject material in respectful, creative and cognitively challenging ways.
  • Encourage class participation and active group work.

Outstanding achievements:

Structured math department so that all teachers teach range of courses and students of all abilities:

  • students benefit from a variety of teaching styles, personalities and years of experience
  • teachers benefit from challenge of finding ways to reach different levels of ability.

Instituted innovative three-tiered testing system and different outcomes for various math abilities:

  • challenges advanced math students
  • recognizes individual variations in ability in different areas of study.

Leads popular Mathematics Club, which includes students from the whole school. Every member attends major competitions at least once.Members have won:

  • national championships at University of Waterloo junior math competition
  • first place in Blundon Provincial Mathematics Contest; in 1998, three of four cash prizes went to school
  • top 10 positions in other math competitions.

Rave reviews:

"As a teacher, Mr. Rose has an amazing way of connecting with his students and a gift for understanding when a student is having a difficult time; both academically and personally." Fellow teacher

"He never lets anyone fall behind and makes eye contact with all of us to see if we've understood a new topic before he moves on to the next item." Student

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