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Year: 1999 – Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Brian Vardy

School: Bishops College

Principal: Edmund Arnott
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: English, entrepreneurship, co-operative education

Teaching approach:

  • Create strong school experiences that help students increase their learning capacity, knowledge and ability to apply acquired knowledge.
  • Foster critical-thinking skills, creative problem solving and continuous learning in a stimulating learning environment.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial spirit and make education relevant; provide opportunities for students to practise their skills in different environments.

Outstanding achievements:

Established the Bishops College Enterprise Showcase:

  • requires all entrepreneurship students to develop and display a venture proposal and business plan
  • helps students develop communications skills while presenting their work to others; they learn to speak clearly, listen effectively, and read and write technical reports
  • involves more than 100 students, up from 16 in 1993; includes projects from interested students not enrolled in program
  • students earn top prizes in School District Showcase, provincial Y Enterprise Olympics, Atlantic College Entrepreneurs Showcase and the provincial YM-YWCA Enterprise Centre writing contest.

Guides learning with Conference Board of Canada's Employability Skills Profile so entrepreneurship students:

  • develop personal characteristics and skills to help them achieve meaningful goals
  • make a contribution to school and community
  • visit entrepreneurs and employers, attend educational seminars, see business in action.

Rave reviews:

"Brian Vardy has had a huge impact on how I view the education system in this province and how my support for school-business partnerships has grown." Business owner, co-op employer

"A big part of our success was Mr. Vardy's expertise and personality. He seemed to know what I was thinking and how to help me understand complex issues." Student

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