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Year: 1999 – Province: Nova Scotia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Louise Cloutier

School: Pugwash District High School

Principal: Gary Clarke
Grades/Subjects Taught: French, art

Teaching approach:

  • Impress upon students the value and importance of art as a means to communicate and interact with other individuals, nature and society.
  • Help students learn more about themselves and their world, and how to express themselves in a variety of ways.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed art curriculum leading from primitive origins of art to modern art. Students:

  • identify religious, political and social issues in artistic styles
  • learn that art communicates experience the same way speaking, reading and writing do
  • maintain single art notebook through three years of study, witness development of their artistic understanding and ability
  • make special arrangements to join art classes
  • volunteer for extracurricular and peer tutoring roles
  • participate in large numbers: 60 percent of student population is enrolled in art classes
  • develop a high level of artistic skill and ability: students' grades never below 70 percent.

Promotes display of students' art work in exhibitions at Little Red Gallery, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Chignecto Central Regional School Board offices and the school, among others.

Advances students' teamwork, problem solving and communication skills, and artistic abilities with annual mural projects in the school and community. Students must:

  • discuss various themes of interest and select one
  • create a mock-up
  • make a presentation for approval to school board, advisory council, owner of mural wall
  • include whole team in creating approved mural, final preservation coating and unveiling.
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