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Year: 1999 – Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Joanne Hachey

School: Parkwood Heights Elementary School

Principal: Rosalind Kennedy-Townsend
Grades/Subjects Taught: French Immersion, all subjects except English language arts

Teaching approach:

  • Actively focus on educational goals and hold high expectations for students' success.
  • Ensure extensive reading both in school and outside to develop vocabulary, comprehension and information base.
  • Emphasize and use audio-visual manipulatives, such as artwork and music, to supplement learning and reinforce language.

Outstanding achievements:

"Madame Joanne's" Grade 1 students are high achievers:

  • they easily and confidently converse in second language
  • 65 percent of students read beyond their grade level, compared to district average of 46 percent
  • 40 percent of former students now in Grade 4 scored more than 90 percent on standardized test, compared to 23 percent district-wide.

Exploits her artistic skills to provide stimulating visual material in her classroom to make lessons more interesting and give the children something more to "hook" into.

Provides constant, immediate feedback in a positive manner. The students appreciate her constructive criticism and use it to become better students.

Children love being in her classroom and parents frequently request that Ms. Hachey teach their children due to her impressive reputation.

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