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Year: 1999 – Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Francine Rossignol

School: École Notre-Dame

Principal: Louise Gaudreau
Grades/Subjects Taught: French, math, English as a second language, natural science, social science, art, personal and social development

Teaching approach:

  • Emphasize the "parent-student-teacher" relationship. Students should realize that they are part of this relationship and that their work in school affects it.
  • Teach students to manage their time and to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Give personal journals to students to help them track their progress.

Outstanding achievements:

Created the "mini-prof" program, in which students who are struggling or have missed classes are tutored by their classmates. Also instituted a series of special clinics on particular skills that students struggle with.

Created a series of imaginative activities to help students learn. In "Apprenti-fleur," for example, the class agrees on a common skill they have all learned each week. This is then put up on a large diagram of a flower on the classroom wall. This encourages students to work together.

Incorporated new technology into Grade 1 curriculum:

  • students regularly use word-processing and presentation software to present the results of their research
  • in 1996, her students created a video as part of a class project.
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