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Year: 1999 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Sylvain Bédard

School: École Saint-Damase

Principal: Pierre St-Germain
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Music

Teaching approach:

  • Give students access to professional quality video, music production and recording technology.
  • Insist that students take responsibility for projects undertaken both individually and collectively.

Outstanding achievements:

Students have produced numerous audio and audiovisual products, including:

  • a CD of 16 songs about typical situations and problems encountered by elementary school students
  • interactive electronic books
  • videos
  • animated cartoons with musical a soundtrack.

Formed partnerships with professionals and companies from the recorded music field.

Students have received awards and scholarships from organizations such as Apple Canada and Radio-Canada.

Rave reviews:

"Sylvain continues to stimulate our children's imagination and helps them fulfill their dreams."Parent

"Mr. Bédard thus shows that the school is a place for excellence, where it is pleasant to learn and express your creativity at the same time." School board official

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