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Year: 1999 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Denys Heward

School: Lower Canada College

Principal: Paul Bennett
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: History, social studies

Teaching approach:

  • Use special events such as dramatic recreations and medieval feasts to make history come alive.
  • "If you reach a kid's imagination, he'll want to learn."
  • Use humour, body language and experience to keep students' attention.

Outstanding achievements:

Created history night at Lower Canada College (LCC) – an event involving more than 100 students, staff and parents in the dramatic recreation of historical events:

  • students choose historical character to study
  • students do research, write a paper, act in history night show
  • event also features jousting match, displays of historical glass etchings and murals

Organized and led more than 20 history-oriented trips to Britain for students. Acted as teacher, chaperone, doctor and tour guide.

Some former students have gone on to major in history in university and even to eventually teach history. They accredit their interest in the subject to the year they spent with Mr. Heward in Grade 7.

Rave reviews:

"While Denys Heward has learned to instil a strong interest in learning, in return he has also demanded that his charges learn to enthusiastically and effectively communicate their understanding and knowledge."Parent

"Surrounded by students, he is truly energized and his enthusiasm is irresistible. Hundreds of LCC students count their Grade 7 year as the highlight of their LCC experience." Principal

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