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Year: 1999 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Nancy Lewis-Sweer

School: John Rennie High School

Principal: Robert Morrison
Grades/Subjects Taught: Music

Teaching approach:

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to expand their musical capabilities and enhance their love of the musical experience.
  • Tailor music program to individual students' potential; give choices to ensure that students reach their goals.
  • Encourage students to tackle new instruments whenever possible.

Outstanding achievements:

Discovers or creates ways for students of all abilities to participate:

  • autistic children sing in the choir, play clarinet with band
  • student with one hand and student paralyzed on right side play adapted trumpet
  • intellectually challenged students sing in choir, play trumpet.

Organizes extracurricular activities that complement the music program:

  • junior band, senior band, jazz band, junior and senior choir, ensemble groups for flute, clarinet and saxophone
  • independent music study programs for students unable to join classes because of scheduling conflicts
  • community performances and exchange trips.

Allows students to develop independence and responsibility with encouragement and incentives. After basic instruction is given at school, student is responsible for improvement and to practise for the required number of hours. When competence is reached, the student is invited to join band. With this system, most students learn to play between two and four instruments.

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