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Year: 1999 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Norman Woods

School: Châteauguay Valley Regional High School

Principal: Patricia Dagg
Grades/Subjects Taught: Physical education, history

Teaching approach:

  • Focus on the different learning styles of students.
  • Use physical education to teach skills and leadership, then carry that energy and interest over into other subjects.
  • Attract students with interesting, challenging, relevant cross-curricular projects.

Outstanding achievements:

Created an advanced physical education class for exceptional athletes and entered the small school into two large interscholastic sports associations to gain consistent experience and competition. Achieved winning results:

  • track and field teams and pole vaulters have won medals at national competitions
  • ladies field hockey, girls basketball teams are league champions
  • many students win full sports scholarships to U.S. universities
  • school known provincially for its talented, capable teams and athletes
  • more than half the student population is involved in interscholastic sport.

Created a cross-curricular history project for two high-risk Grade 8 classes – "The Battle of Châteauguay":

  • program integrated history, English, woodworking, mathematics, French, music and home economics into a weeks-long project
  • students researched and staged a full re-enactment of the battle between American and British forces that took place not far from where the school is located
  • project gained national interest from several television news programs
  • interest in school, reading abilities, self-confidence and communication skills improved.
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