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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Victoria Brady

School: Saint Joseph's College School

Principal: Maxine Bilyk
Grades/Subjects Taught: Information technology, computer studies, data processing, accounting, mathematics

Teaching approach:

  • Develop teamwork with group projects and assignments.
  • Foster creativity by acknowledging experimentation and failure.
  • Promote a positive attitude through consistent cheerfulness and optimism.

Outstanding achievements:

Models technological expertise for young women:

  • oversaw the expansion of the school's technology capabilities – from one computer lab to four, from a single word-processing course to a complete range of courses in programming, problem solving, data- and word-processing and Internet research skills, from three teachers to six
  • designed and installed a local area network so staff and students have access to assignments 12 hours a day, anywhere in school
  • recognized that computer facility comes with exposure and experience, and opened computer labs to students outside school hours; labs were initially staff-supervised
  • established a student Computer Club to train lab assistants and work on school Intranet
  • sustains high enrolment in technology courses at all levels of difficulty
  • prepares students for university-level computer use with generous access to computers.

Students arrive early and leave late, investigate and extend their research in science, invent new ways to obtain better, more reliable data.

Provides graduating students with skills for work and further studies:

  • Saint Joseph's students graduate with crucial employability skills, even the most academically challenged
  • many proceed to business, computer and engineering studies at university and college.
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