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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Barbara Bull

School: Frank Flowers Program

Principal: Anna Maria Barsanti
Grades/Subjects Taught: English, personal life management, liaison teacher for young offenders

Teaching approach:

  • Hold students accountable in a reasonable, logical and respectful manner.
  • Be flexible with students' needs, adapt to changes in student population quickly, emphasize developing employability skills.
  • Demonstrate a positive and productive attitude; show sincerity and respect for all.

Outstanding achievements:

Re-integrates young offenders into regular community school program. As the on-site administrator of the Frank Flowers Program, is responsible for registrations, student assessments, credit counselling, eventual re-integration into regular community school and follow-up. Through the program, students:

  • experience academic success, some for first time, and earn credits towards secondary school diploma
  • show an increase in self-image, decrease in behaviour problems, including suspensions
  • have a high rate of success when they return to regular high school.

Stresses communication, creative solutions to reach students:

  • answers concerns of parents, administrators, probation officers and youth
  • acts as an advocate, helps with review of disposition and placement letters
  • represents students with judges and placement officers
  • teaches routines, rituals and traditions such as Shrove Tuesday and student-made Christmas cards to make school enjoyable.

With good results, initiated use of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens as part of English program and with students having difficulty with school work. Seeing the success, several other schools in area now use this book with special students or as part of Teacher Advisory Program.

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